CHIPIG Blog Guidelines

  1. WordPress allows blogs to have different types of users to contribute posts. CHIPIG members are invited to post as Contributors.  On occasion, the Executive will invite someone to be a Guest Contributor.  Guest Contributors can be CHIPIG members or non-members. All posts must be approved by the Administrator before the posts go live. 
  2. Contributors must identify themselves and the name of the organization they work for in their posts.
  3. The Contributor Role does not allow the posting of pictures.  Contributor may add pictures to their post; however, they must submit the picture to the Administrator to add.
  4. All posts must be consumer health related.  Posts can focus on highlighting a new resource, new centre, or a discussion about a consumer health issue.  Posts will also advertise upcoming CHIPIG events.
  5. Blog posts must be respectful of other CHIPIG members and Blog readers.  Posters should consider how readers of the blog will be affected by what is in the post.  Blog posts must reflect the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives of CHIPIG (Please see CHIPIG web site:  Posters should not use obscenity, public insults, or engage in behavior that would not be acceptable in a workplace.
  6. Posts should be thoughtful and accurate.  Posters should make sure they have all the facts on a resource, service, or topic they are writing about. 
  7. When posting a discussion about a consumer health issue, the poster should ensure there is enough evidence in the post so that the reader will understand the reasoning in the post.
  8. When posting about an online resource, the poster should include the link in the post. 
  9. Keep post between 200 and 1,000 words.
  10. If loading pictures of people or places, the poster should make sure they have permission to upload the image.
  11. The Administrator reserves the right to approve and edit any post to make sure that it follows CHIPIG’s values. 



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